Hallicrafters SX-117

Hallicrafters SX-117

with HA-10

Hallicrafters triple conversion receiver designed for the10 to 80 meter ham-bands. Has a bandswitch setting for picking up WWV on 10 MHz. The first and third conversion oscillators are crystal-controlled. The second is variable from 6 to 6.5 MHz. Introduced in 1962 at a price of $379.95, it has a product detector for SSB, a notch filter, and selectable bandwidth of 0.5, 2.5, and 5 KHz. In addition to the ham bands, general coverage is possible for most frequencies in 500 KHz segments from 85 KHz to 30 MHz with appropriate crystals. For frequencies below 3 MHz, the HA-10 LF/MF converter, shown with the receiver, was an optional accessory costing $24.95. The receiver uses 13 tubes plus solid state rectifiers and noise limiter.

The HT-44 is the matching transmitter which sold for $379.50 with another $99.95 for the power supply. The receiver has crystal oscillator and VFO outputs for the HT-44 in transceive configuration. The matched Hallicrafter Twins package of the receiver, power supply, transmitter, splatter guard, and converter add up to over $900, a fair amount of money in 1962.

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